Precision for your eyes

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Plastic lenses

  • Latest generation of light-weight, scratch-resistant plastic lenses

  • High visual comfort due to exact calculation of the field of vision

  • Very comfortable to wear  

  • No disturbing lines as with bifocals

  • Hard and soft cases

  • Lens cleaning cloths and sprays

  • Cords and chains

  • Ultrasonic devices for cleaning

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Lenses to fit your needs

No matter what frame you choose, your visual and wearing comfort ultimately depends on selecting the right type of lenses. We'll show you what factors are critical and what you need to look out for when choosing your lenses. We have frames for children.





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  • Up to 50% lighter than glass lenses

  • Highly resilient and scratch-resistant

  • Integrated UV protection

  • Various colors possible

Progressive lenses


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Non-glare Coating: For Clear Vision

Like all glass surfaces, eyeglasses reflect a portion of the light that falls on them. The result is a loss of brightness and decreased visual comfort due to disturbing reflections and blurred areas.

Non-glare lenses are treated with an extremely thin layer of coating that, depending on the degree, allows up to 99 percent of the light to pass through. It is recommended for sharp and optimal vision.


Your advantages at a glance 

  • Nearly the same visual comfort as not wearing any glasses

  • Natural and color-true vision

  • Unobtrusive lenses

  • Choice between normal and super non-glare coating